The model's been in hair and makeup for 2.5 hours and walks on set. The first shot is the hardest!
  1. Try holding this bag
  2. More nerdy, bend your knees a little
  3. Kevin, the her hair looks lumpy
  4. Try holding the bag with both hands between your legs
  5. Relax you jaw
  6. More shine on the legs
  7. Can you turn the AC down
  8. Try holding the bag next to your face
  9. Try tossing the bag in the air
  10. Mouth open
  11. No, mouth closed
  12. Try balancing the bag in one hand
  13. Try looking at me through the bag straps
  14. (We are really forcing this bag!)
  15. Juliet, lets try sitting
  16. What if she's running across the frame (no it's more portrait)
  17. Can we open the jacket?
  18. Try wind in the hair
  19. Oh I like the sitting more than I thought
  20. Keep your legs together
  21. Rest your chin in your hand
  22. More like you're bored
  23. Great skin
  24. Try more profile
  25. That's nice, I like the hand in your pocket
  26. Still shooting...