My boyfriend was raised on a homestead in Long Island. He is also in charge of the summer camps. Im dating a camp counselor and a farmer... 2 dream birds, 1 stone.
  1. Chickens bathe in dirt holes
  2. When cows have boy/girl twins they produce a freemartin. Where the fetuses share genetics and the female looks like a female but acquired the XY component (basically sterile and no good for milking)
  3. You can get a lot of bacon from one pig (RIP Honey). Like a years worth (depending on which part of country you live in).
  4. Eggs do not need to be refrigerated
    They are laid with a "bloom" (protective seal) that is removed when washed. They only need to go in the refrigerator if they have been washed clean.
  5. Ewe : adult female sheep
  6. Everyone needs milking twice a day everyday, you can not skip a milking
  7. Rabbits are born in a nest with their eyes closed
  8. Chickens have REM sleep...chickens dream