And I love you!!! @sarahschussheim
  1. Ty loves cats, Judy garland, pickles, bloody Mary's, burgers, anything purple, sensible shoes, denim, her family, speaking in accents, Khloe Kardashian, her trainer, beer, Bette Midler, American Airlines executive platinum status, zankou chicken, coconut water with the green cap and....
  2. 🏀🏀🏀🏀
    Clippers Vs. Thunder
  3. She often gets teased for being nice to everyone.
    We only tease her because we are assholes, and she is not.
  4. She's up for anything!
    Let's go to Sundance for a day!
  5. We are often a package deal. If ty is there, Jew is there.
  6. We survived our drunk 20s
  7. She's beautiful
  8. I have never been to her apartment bc she has cats. She always drives to the east side and NEVER complains about it. 😇
  9. Everything Chanel I own was a gift from Ty.
    And it's kind of a lot
  10. If she's in the neighborhood, she stops by.
  11. Before we had boyfriends we would have lots of sleepovers.
  12. Hotel sleepovers included massive room service charges.
  13. One day we will bring it back.
  14. When you break up with your boyfriend she will drive across town, pick up your favorite pizza, bring it to you on the couch and listen to you cry for three hours.
    I don't have a picture from this episode. But that's ty and her boyfriend.
  15. Inside jokes!!
  16. Look at her blue eyes!
  17. People love work with her bc she's so chill it's like your best friend stopped by with the perfect outfit.
  18. But for me that's real life!
    She gave me those sunglasses for my birthday, we are driving from wexlers downtown listening to Jagged Little Pill.
  19. The nickname Ty predates me
    But it seems impossible that we met through mutual friends about 7 years ago. Because haven't we been friends for ever?
  20. She's the most patient, kind, thoughtful, good hearted person I know.
  21. But also loves to drink beer!
  22. I love you until we are fat grannies and then some Ty Ty!!!