My call time was 7am, hers was 11am
  1. 7AM: rush to get everything unloaded and set up.
  2. 8:30AM :shove food in my face because photographer will be here any minute.
  3. 9AM: producer tells us SHE is running late and won't be here until at least 3pm.
  4. Also photographer won't be here until noon.
  5. Cool I can do everything with out rushing.
  6. Annoying bc everything has to be perfect, time is no longer a good excuse.
  7. 10AM: present my assistants with a craft project.
    Custom iPhone covers for HER, I brought feathers crystals, fur and pearls. Have fun guys, because there is no way she would be shot with these.
  8. 12PM: photographer will here any minute, look busy!
  9. 2PM: still no photographer.
  10. 2:30PM the picture car is here.
    Cool! No one else is.
  11. We lose this location at 8PM.
  12. 3PM SHE is running late.
    This is delivered like urgent news.
  13. Does she think that we all get paid overtime so like we are grateful that she's disregarded the schedule?
    She must put a positive spin on this, at least in her own head.
  14. This is a control thing right?
  15. She requested Sutter Home Chardonnay.
  16. Best case scenario we have 5 hours to get 8 pictures.
    Totally doable, but c'mon!!
  17. I'm only annoyed bc I've shot her 3 times and this happened every time.
    I feel sorry for her team that has to play middle man everyday with a new crew that is anxiously awaiting her arrival. It must be exhausting.
  18. 3:15PM she will be here 4PM.
    This is announced with such confidence it's embarrassing.
  19. I think it's really dangerous to indulge this behavior.
    Imagine if we just packed up and left. Thanks, but no thanks!
  20. I spent $1,000 on confetti.
  21. 5:00PM she is still not here.
    We start making bets
  22. 6:03PM photographer is threatening to leave.
    Everyone is getting edgy, photographer has approached publicist three times. This is a very famous photographer, it's embarrassing.
  23. 6:15PM Can I call my babysitter
    The PA not me, is actually losing money at this point to be working here. The overtime he will have to pay his babysitter to not lose his job is more than any overtime he will make (if any).
  24. 8:12PM still not here
  25. 8:23 she just got here. We have 37 minutes to get 8 shots.