3 shoots in the works, eyes open!
  1. Pink and white striped towels
  2. Mismatched pink tea set and serving dishes
  3. Laundry detergent in pink bottle
  4. Pink hydrangeas in pink pots
  5. Pink gardening shovel
  6. Pink flocked velvet granny chairs
  7. Pink manners book
  8. Pink tulips
  9. Pastries, not specifically pink
  10. Pink laundry baskets
  11. Pink sheets and blankets
  12. Pink telephone
  13. Large black umbrellas
  14. Black, white and green used milk crates
  15. Antique coat rack
  16. Charming sofa for $1,000 or less with lots of character
  17. Red oriental runner rug
  18. Bell jars, various sizes