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  1. Lord knows you can't trust your head when you're standing on the edge of breaking down.
  2. And you know in the end it'll be okay, cause all that really matters is the steps you take.
  3. ..and know that I'm okay cause everyone's perfect in unusual ways
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  1. Writing this list
  2. Re-reading old lists
  3. Deleting my 500 emails
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  1. One of my classes OFFICIALLY ends this week
  2. I'll only have to focus on student teaching for this next month and a half
  3. Today was a snow day on campus
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  1. Cry tears of joy
  2. Get my social life back
  3. Buy myself a gift for getting through it
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  1. Favorite Demi m&g I've ever had 💞
  2. Teaching my baby cousin what a selfie is
  3. I'm a little impressed with myself for taking this picture not gonna lie.
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  1. Tomorrow
    A new day. A fresh start. A chance to start over again.
  2. Trips to old orchard beach
    Literally my second home
  3. Graduation
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  1. Elvis Duran show
  2. Chocolate chip frappes
  3. McDonald's French fries
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  1. Demi Lovato
  2. kelly Clarkson
  3. Fifth harmony
    5 or 6
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  1. Be proud of yourself for the small things.
    Getting out of bed...turning your negative thoughts into positive ones... getting your homework done.
  2. Don't run away when you're scared.
    I know I distance myself from people when I'm overwhelmed or run away from responsibilities when I'm afraid of failing. I know that facing it makes it easier in the end.
  3. It's okay to do what makes you happy.
    Listening to Elvis Duran show all day...driving a little bit out of the way just to go skiing... If it makes you happy, do it.
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  1. This is the cutest and sweetest picture of Demi and Wilmer there is, and I want to be surprised by my future boyfriend like this one day.
  2. My brother in law snuggling his dog and it's adorable
  3. Worst bruise I ever got in my life bc I slipped in the shower like an idiot.
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