20 Songs for Road Trips

you probably know all the words to these without shame. go you
  1. Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    this song is pretty tragic but it sounds fun so hey CAAAALEEYYYFAWWWNYAAAA
  2. Stacy's Mom- Fountains Of Wayne
    you either love or hate this song but either way, it's a fuckin' banger.
  3. Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots
    love song of the decade. you fell asleep in MY !!! CAR i drove the whole time
  4. All The Small Things - Blink-182
    the song that will get any white aunt turnt at your sweet 16 and you KNOW you love it. plus, tom was still there.
  5. Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
    this was every millennial's favorite song at one point even though you probably didn't know any words in the chorus until you went home and googled them.
  6. Misery Business - Paramore
    every angsty middle school girls anthem. AND YOU KNOW EVERY. WORD. SHAMELESSLY.
  7. Beverly Hills - Weezer
    one of my favorite songs of all time and probably yours too. GIMME GIMME.
  8. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low
    *coughs* this one is self explanatory.
  9. She's Kinda Hot - 5 Seconds of Summer
    this wacky, guitar-centric certified BANGER being the lead single off their second album proves this band isn't a one hit wonder anymore and you LOVE IT. also that guitar solo.
  10. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
    this song has you screaming and crying and missing your ex even if you don't even have one. BOP.
  11. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
    this was probably every girls favorite song at one point. also, next time you gotta spell 'banana', cite your sources and thank queen gwen.
  12. I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! at the Disco
    you know every word to this song because you were singing along to it while you were looking for anime merch at hot topic in like 2008. we all shopped at hot topic at one point in our lives, right?
  13. New Americana - Halsey
    you either love this girl or you absolutely hate her but you can't deny that this song will shape a generation and is CATCHY. AS. FUCK.
  14. Gives You Hell - All American Rejects
    quite possibly the best diss track ever made that probably makes you want to scream at anyone that ever annoyed you at one point in your life. also, the music video is a cinematic masterpiece.
  15. Wonderwall - Oasis
    every douche with a guitar knows this one and is probably your guilty pleasure.
  16. Parents Just Don't Understand - Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff
    this song is probably the best story of the '90s and should be considered pure literature. SO TO ALL YOU KIDS ALL ACROSS THE LAND-
  17. The Sound - The 1975
    you indie kids know every word to this one and don't even try to complain that its too "poppy" because THIS IS A SYNTH-POP MASTERPIECE.
  18. Shoop - Salt-N-Peppa
    GIRLS WHATS MY WEAKNESS? power all female rap groups appreciating some ass.
  19. All Star - Smash Mouth
    go rock out meme trash
  20. Hey Ya! - OutKast