my favorite movies

hi im the biggest film hoe you've ever met this list will be long (also these are in no particular order) ((also not giving you boring ass plot summaries, thats what google is for))
  1. scott pilgrim vs the world (2010)
    this movie is like creativity juice. the characters are all unique and well rounded with names that reflect their personality and this whole concept is just electric and flawless. you'll love this if you love dry comedy and action movies.
  2. the breakfast club (1985)
    do i even have to explain why i love this genius piece of cinematic masterpiece?
  3. love, rosie (2013)
    british people are the cutest. also, all of us deserve a bond as strong and alex and roses'.
  4. deadpool (2016)
    this one is a no brainer, like, what more could you want from a superhero? especially being played by the jesus christ of sarcastic humor, ryan reynolds.
  5. ferris bueller's day off (1986)
    every delinquent kids hero. boom. chicka chicka.
  6. mulan (1998)
    as a little girl, there was no one i looked up to more. while other girls marveled over other bland characters like cinderella and sleeping beauty, mulan was everything i wanted to be, although i turned out to be a mushu. woops. to this day, though, she still remains to be my favorite disney princess and i don't think that will ever change. A GIRL WORTH FIGHTING FORRRR
  7. big hero 6 (2014)
    this movie just makes you feel so warm and happy inside, like you're a kid again. plus who doesn't want a baymax?
  8. guardians of the galaxy (2014)
    i love chris pratt and i love space and i fucking love this movie like my own child.
  9. the martian (2015)
    if you're an absolute science nerd like i am, this movie is probably like a porno to you. but, like, an actual good porno.
  10. paper towns (2015)
    one of my favorite movies, but also my favorite book. ever. this story means so much to me that when i saw it as a movie for the first time, i straight up sobbed in the middle of a packed theater. i just love all of these characters so much and this was the book that made me want to actual write my own book and i owe so much to this story.
  11. adventureland (2009)
    such a great story about how certain people change certain people and help them grow. all of your favorite actors are probably in this. (including the forementioned sarcastic jesus christ ryan reynolds)
  12. clueless (1995)
    who doesn't love this classic? furthermore, who doesn't love 90s girls?
  13. heathers (1989)
    this movie is more on the fucked-up side, but it keeps you hooked from beginning to end. theres a lot of dark humor which i love, and it shows what happens when you fuck with a teenage girl.
  14. lilo & stitch