some rad love songs

i hate unoriginal cheesy cliche shit so...i think my choices are pretty solid.
  1. peach - the front bottoms
    acoustic music that borders pop punk and indie is kind of, like, what i live for. i love this song because its so happy and theres someone in everyones life that you could apply this to.
  2. avalanche - walk the moon
    theres just something about this song that makes you feel in love, even if you aren't. you can't get through this song without thinking of someone's dreamy features and dorky personality and hoping that you'd have a chance with them.
  3. always - panic! at the disco
    this is a slow song, which i normally hate, but theres something about the fact that its my favorite band and it has such unique lyrics and metaphors that you can't help but lowkey hope you'll get serenaded with this outside your window.
  4. stuck on you - new politics
    this song says everything that you can't put in to words when you're in love. when someone just leaves you awestruck with their amazing smile and their endearing mind making you wonder if they're even a real person, this is the song that puts that exact feeling in to words.
  5. somebody else - the 1975
    this one is a bit sadder, dealing with unrequited love, which everyone goes through and there is no greater pain than loving someone with all your heart and mind and body and soul, knowing that they don't feel the same way. this song is for when you've lost someone, or if you've never even had that person and they're seeing someone that isn't you, you can rely on this song to cry along with. this was depressing. ill go back to the happy songs maybe?
  6. waste - foster the people
    before i start, i'm just gonna say, i love weird music like this. anyway this is a really cute song filled with wacky beats and orgasmic metaphors (hows that for a contrasting sentence) and it's about confessing love and just telling someone you want to be with them no matter what and i don't know what it is but this song makes me really happy.
  7. everything's magic - angels & airwaves
    possibly my favorite love song of all time, this song is all about tom delonge's voice asking you some existentialistic questions and telling you you don't have to be alone for the rest of your life and that you can have someone who wants to go on ridiculous journeys with you and UGH this song is so beautiful and reassuring and (no pun intended) really sounds like it was sculpted from the angels.
  8. sorry, not sorry - mayday parade
    ah, mayday parade. always there for your emo and angsty needs. this song basically describes your feelings for someone that you feel as if you're not good enough for, or if someones out of your league (which all of us can relate to) and talking about the lengths you would go to just to make this significant person happy.
  9. all of the stars - ed sheeran
    YES. an ed sheeran song. i guess this ignores the point in the beginning when i said i wasn't up for sappy songs most of the time...but this one. i think maybe it's because of the fact that it was written for a phenomenal movie based on an even more phenomenal book, but it really makes me feel something. especially if you're dealing with a long distance relationship or unrequited love, this song reminds you that you both look at the same sky every night and they're not as far as you think.
  10. nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco
    i don't even know if this is a love song, but its more personal for me since it does remind me of someone i know with beautiful eyes the size of the moon. people close to me probably know who. no shame.
  11. a sky full of stars - coldplay
    everything about this song is beautiful. the music, the vocals, the lyrics, the meaning- it's just about thinking someone is so beautiful that they belong in the stars and that maybe they fell from the same star you did and idk i just take a lot of comfort in this song. also A+ to drive at night to.
  12. home - daughter
    we all have our own problems and baggage that make us feel insecure and unworthy of love, (which isn't the case at all) but this song kind of has that sort of theme about not wanting to be in the situation you're in and you need help from a certain someone to get you out of it and "take you home", meaning everyone has one person in their life that brings them back to earth and talks them down.
  13. st. patrick - pvris
    everyone has a distraction, and if you're lucky enough, that distraction comes in the form of another person. this person can have the power to rid you of all your negative thoughts, even just for a little while, and you don't know how they do it but you are so so grateful for your little glimpse of bliss and little taste of heaven.
  14. cecelia and the satellite - andrew macmahon in the wilderness
    i don't have much to say for this one, its just a pretty song about keeping someone close.
  15. a daydream away - all time low
    again, unrequited love, but also relishing in the comfort that you may not exist in the real world, but you always have the universe of your mind and dreams to produce fantasies of you two being together. they're just a daydream away.
  16. wonderwall - oasis
    i said no sappy songs and i'm really really doing the opposite of proving my point now, but, come on. it's a classic.
  17. chasing cars - snow patrol
    oh, fuck it. sapsapsapsapsapspapapsospsp
  18. yellow - coldplay
    fuck. anyway, this song is that big realization that you're in love.
  19. even if she falls - blink 182
    i'm such a fucking softie for this song. it's just so beautiful and it's describing every detail of a loved one that made you fall in love and i just FUCK OKAY I LOVE THIS SONG GO LISTEN TO IT AND GO FALL IN LOVE
  20. better together - jack johnson
    who doesn't know this one? and who doesn't know all the fucking words?
  21. for him. - troye sivan
    this. song. okay. this song is just so great and full of relatable lyrics and electrifying metaphors and it's definitely bound to make you think of someone and make you want to do dumb spontaneous things with them. and maybe cuddle.