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I am in a never ending battle with my eye brows. The trend is to shape them and enhance them with a brow pencil. I suck at this!!
  1. I have eyebrows.
  2. I have eyebrow problems.
  3. I can not hang with the new eyebrow trends. It is not for lack of trying.
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  1. I believe in ♡love♡ above all else even when it causes pain because I know what real love is and can be.
  2. I believe there are ghosts around us and they are laughing, snooping and playing jokes on us whenever they get the chance.
  3. I believe most of us take life to serious and we miss out on so much fun.
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If there is such a thing I think I may have it!!!😣
  1. I am new to the li.st app although I have been making lists my whole life!
    I believe I got the list bug from my mother who lived by lists.
  2. I have more unfinished drafts on the app than I do published lists and even more on my phone.
    I am not sure why I feel the lists in my draft folder are incomplete. 😕
  3. Is this li.st anxiety????
    What does li.st anxiety look or feel like??? Does anyone else have it???
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This list came to me when I noticed this morning a Bond marathon playing while I was channel surfing trying to run from the horrible face of Trump on a interview... the two thus coincided. I should preface with the fact that I have never seen a Bond movie and never want to but the titles have always made me laugh hysterically.
  1. Dr. NO
    I assume this isn't just a name but a statement made by Donald Drumpfs mother. Doctor...NO!
  2. From Russia with Love.
    Now that Trump and Putin are best buds.
  3. Goldfinger
    Trump likes to use a Gold marker or pen when writing notes or signing his name. I personally would like to send him a gold middle finger. He is the ultimate douche bag.
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I am posting this list now in hopes reverse psychology will help me to start my diet monday. ba ha ha ha ha who am I fooling?!?
  1. My boobs. I love my boobs and everyone knows boobs are 75% fat soooo if I go on a diet they will most likely be the first to go.
    Many boobs die due to dieting may they rest in peace.
  2. I just bought a pie and I do not want it to go to waste.
    Who could refuse pie?
  3. I did not go to the grocery store and now I have none of the right food to start my diet with today.
    Being prepared is so important.
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  1. Revisit the past.
    Always a bad idea, so painful there and yet it scrolls through my mind like an old movie in slow motion.
  2. Pin.
    I plump up my boards on Pinterest. Pin. Pin. Pin.
  3. Social media trolling.
    Mainly Facebook or Instagram. Looking at anothers life may get my mind off my own temporarily at best.
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Tell me what clues you in to the fact that it will be a bad day.
  1. When you step in the shower, get your hair wet just to realize your shampoo is not there. Then you have to jump out, get cold and you leave wet foot prints...red ones in my case... all over the floor because you just recently dyed your hair. Uggggg.
  2. When you step in cat puke first thing in the morning. Cold or warm. Doesn't matter.
    Suggested by   @brazenhussy
I love shoes, lots of shoes. Sometimes I take pictures of my shoes. My feet in my shoes. ♡
  1. Daily. I mean daily I hear "I really love your hair color"
  2. I always get stares from little kids who love pointing out that my hair is Rtheeally Red!
  3. Sometimes I get the "I really love your hair color, but I could never dye my hair that bright or I could never pull that color of red off".
    It sounds like a compliment but I think it is an insult in disguise.
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  1. Menstruation. (You see this is at the top of the list. Bad for both Men and Women, but mostly Women.)
  2. Cellulite.
  3. Fat on the Human Body.
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