1. Invisibility (Go Anywhere or be Anywhere Undetected...to Spy)
  2. Mind Reading (Know what they are Truly Thinking or Hiding)
  3. Mind Control (Make them do Whatever You Want or Need)
  4. Immortality (Live Forever...duh)
  5. Morphing into Anyone or Anything (To be Someone else, to Fool or Trick Someone to Gain Knowledge or to just have the Perfect bod when you feel like it)
  6. Flight (To see the World from.a different view)
  7. Super Strength (To Protect, Impress or just beat the crap out of your enemy)
  8. Project a Shield of Protection (To Protect the ones you Love or yourself...Love yourself first)
  9. Super Speed (To get somewhere Fast or To be Fast which is cool in itself)
  10. Super Healing ( To Get Well Quick)
  11. Super Hearing ( To Hear what they are saying from far far away... No More Secrets)
  12. Super Smarts (To Know or Learn Immediately, To Out Smart, Out Wit or Out Do)
  13. Super Sight (To See Through... No More Suprises)
  14. To Move Anything With Your Mind (explained)
  15. To Control the Weather (Brighten any Day)
  16. To See The Future (To Know Before it Happens)
  17. To Freeze (Anyone, Anything or even Freeze Time)
  18. To Time Hop (To go Back or Forward in Any Time Realm)
  19. To create elements such as Water or Fire from Anything.
  20. Flexibility (To Bend, Move, Stretch anyway or anywhere for anything)