If there is such a thing I think I may have it!!!😣
  1. I am new to the li.st app although I have been making lists my whole life!
    I believe I got the list bug from my mother who lived by lists.
  2. I have more unfinished drafts on the app than I do published lists and even more on my phone.
    I am not sure why I feel the lists in my draft folder are incomplete. 😕
  3. Is this li.st anxiety????
    What does li.st anxiety look or feel like??? Does anyone else have it???
  4. Do I feel my lists are not up to par????
    They are my lists, it's not like I am trying to impress anyone. But this is a social experience isn't it? Will my lists be ignored, disliked, or make you feel completely uninterested??? Do I need to use 3 question marks to make a point???
  5. Why is it I publish a list and then want to retract it???
    Does anyone else out there feel this way???
  6. These are the random thoughts about li.st that have stormed my mind this morning.
    Do not get me wrong I love lists and I love this app! So what is this overwhelming anxiety I am having about lists???
  7. How did you come to download this app? What was the trigger? Who introduced you to it?
    For me I was inspired by @bjnovak talking about the li.st app in an interview. I thought, this is so me! I am a list maker.