Red hair don't care.

  1. Daily. I mean daily I hear "I really love your hair color"
  2. I always get stares from little kids who love pointing out that my hair is Rtheeally Red!
  3. Sometimes I get the "I really love your hair color, but I could never dye my hair that bright or I could never pull that color of red off".
    It sounds like a compliment but I think it is an insult in disguise.
  4. Having red hair evidently means hot tempered.
    I can assure you the hair color has nothing to do with it. Ba ha ha.
  5. I can be lots of fun characters for Halloween. Ariel. Scarlett Witch. Lucille Ball. Black Widow. Poison Ivy. Merida.
  6. Red heads definitely have more fun.
  7. There is just something about redheads.
  8. Having red hair means you always stand out in a crowd... and easy to locate in a crowd as well.
    Win. Win.
  9. There is an actual Redhead's Day every year.
  10. I can wear any color I feel like wearing, including red.
  11. I have been blonde...
  12. I have been brunette...
  13. I like red best.♡♡