The reasons I will use to talk myself out of starting a diet on Monday.

I am posting this list now in hopes reverse psychology will help me to start my diet monday. ba ha ha ha ha who am I fooling?!?
  1. My boobs. I love my boobs and everyone knows boobs are 75% fat soooo if I go on a diet they will most likely be the first to go.
    Many boobs die due to dieting may they rest in peace.
  2. I just bought a pie and I do not want it to go to waste.
    Who could refuse pie?
  3. I did not go to the grocery store and now I have none of the right food to start my diet with today.
    Being prepared is so important.
  4. I will be eating bad anyway if I go out of town next week so why not wait until after then.
    It is no fun to diet while traveling.
  5. I love carbs.
    This is my problem.
  6. I am having one hot torrid affair with chocolate.
  7. I may have become allergic to excercise.
    It has been so long I am afraid to find out.
  8. Curvy is in.
    So I have been told.