1. Talk to the tv...to characters on shows mostly to let them know what they are doing wrong.
  2. Break into song from any word or phrase someone may say while trying to talk to me.
  3. Seriously get distracted during a conversation and interrupt people with my random thoughts.
  4. Marathon text...usually in short sentences like a conversation.
  5. Cry at commercials, movies, tv shows or any sappy story.
  6. I tend to be right... Like all the time.
  7. I add up everything I am buying while I am putting it on the register belt and guess the total within .50 cents. Yep.
  8. I make lists for things to be done...well for others to do...not me.
  9. I leave my shoes everywhere but complain when others do it.
  10. I leave a pile of my clothes I take off on my side of the bed but will not allow him to have any clothes on the floor. In my defense my side of the bed you can not see when entering the bedroom.
  11. Forget to take my Adderall.
  12. Saying "I look like crap today" everyday.
  13. Changing my mind every five seconds or just can not make a decision.
  14. Change the lyrics to songs I hate and sing them as others are trying to enjoy them.
  15. Complain when my hair is curly...complain when my hair is straight.
  16. Sometimes my brain moves to fast and I forget the words to what something may be called so I make up my own words.
  17. I switch directions in conversations often.
  18. I answer people, acting like I was listening, then I have to ask them to repeat what they said, sometimes several times within a conversation...I get bored fast.
  19. I get a new phone...and I hate it within a few weeks because it is not fast enough.
  20. I get aggrevated with people who can not keep up.