1. Revisit the past.
    Always a bad idea, so painful there and yet it scrolls through my mind like an old movie in slow motion.
  2. Pin.
    I plump up my boards on Pinterest. Pin. Pin. Pin.
  3. Social media trolling.
    Mainly Facebook or Instagram. Looking at anothers life may get my mind off my own temporarily at best.
  4. Spend 30 min to an hour wondering if I should watch tv.
    I debate climbing over him to the remote but I usually never do.
  5. Play a game on my phone.
    Usually a mindless Crazy Kitchen will work for about 30 min or so until I get bored.
  6. Listen to the sounds of my room as they seem to amplify the more sleepless I get.
    This only lasts about an hour until I realize I forgot to turn my sound machine on to drown out any other peculiar noises.
  7. Once sleep is lost its lost until about 530 am.
    It seems I can go right back to sleep once the sunrise is close by.
  8. Just added...li.st.
    And now I can add li.st to my list of things I do when I am up in the middle of the night. Forever sleepless.