Beverages I Like

I like beverages. I've been called "Bev Girl" on occasion and believe me..Ive earned it. Im a double-fisted drink-meister. What do you like to drink? @shainakristin @bobbylee58 @mollykennedy @nwade add your bevs
  1. Coffee
    Americanos and Cortatos when I'm away from home.
  2. Fizzy things
    Dry vanilla soda (look it up its a thing), izzies, San Pel.
  3. Whiskey sour with rye
    Social drink 💁🏻
  4. Ice water
    A delicious original.
  5. Milkshake
    Is this a beverage? Banana-fudge-peanut butter is the best.
  6. Lemonade
    As long as it's not Country Time.
  7. Hard cider
    Woodchuck is preferred. I'm allergic to beer so this is as close as its gonna get.
  8. Chocolate Milk
    Suggested by   @bobbylee58
  9. Kombucha
    Initially I didn't like it -- two years later and it's a fave. Ginger and lavender are da bestttt🏆
    Suggested by   @mollykennedy
  10. Red wine
    Malbec, Pinot Noir, Shiraz are my go-tos
    Suggested by   @LizDawson