Body Parts We Have but Don't Really Need

  1. Eyebrows
    We look weird without them but they're not crucial
  2. Fingernails
    Hard, calcified skin cells for what?
  3. Hair
    In general. We wouldn't die without out so that doesn't make it necessary.
  4. Appendix
    Some want out so bad they explode inside of us. Goodbye and good riddance. Didn't really need you anyways!
  5. Two kidneys
    We only need one.
  6. Most nerves
    Pain sucks.
  7. Legs, we have scooters for that
  8. Some fingers
    I can usually pick stuff up with 3 or 4 fingers.
  9. Ah, heck even some toes
    If every other toe was removed, save the big toe, I think our balance would be just fine.
  10. Earlobes?
    Is that considered a body part?
    Suggested by   @szn