People I Will Never Understand And/or Be

I'm not mean , these are just observations.
  1. People who are in line for the bathroom and they try to open the door but it's locked and then they knock a second time.
    What the HECK? I'm in here! Is it not clear enough that the door is locked?
  2. People who put tires on their car/truck that are so huge they can make eye contact with anyone working on the 7th floor.
    What weakness are you overcompensating for?
  3. People who loudly use speaker phone in public.
    I'm embarrassed for you.
  4. People who take up two parking spaces.
    Unless you have a trailer or a vehicle from #2...there is no excuse.
  5. People who pass using the right lane when there is clearly no room for them to get back in to the fast lane
    You're an idiot. Stop.
  6. People who invade your personal space when standing in a busy line
    Give me some breathing room! This line isn't going any faster if you're standing over me and breathing down my neck. Gross. Suggested by @nwade
  7. People you open the door for and they walk through it without flinching or thanking you.
    Oh wow! This door opened just for me, and I don't even need to use my arms or anything. Thanks universe!
  8. People who make fun of handicaps
    You have no heart 🚫❤️
  9. People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. Inspired by @franksars
    You're gross! And only 75% potty-trained!