The Five Things I'm Most Proud of About Myself, Ranked

Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Backpacked in VT and got my butt kicked with @shainakristin (money shot to the right 😍)
  2. Breaking up with my ex
    This might sound juvenile but it's the hardest thing I've done (I'm only 24) It was the first dramatic breakup I've ever initiated and I'm proud I actually went forward with it. Heartbreak is the worst
  3. Received a life-saving award
    A 3 year old toddler was at the bottom of a pool and me and a cousin and friend saved him. He's alive and well now (and probably a teenager now) would've of happened if it weren't for the Lord!
  4. Completed 2 coast-to-coast cross country trips
    I've lived in NC and CA. I've done the drive twice! 💪🏻
  5. I completed ice skating lessons
    I used to be terrified of skates. Not anymore!😎😏❄️