What embarrasses you?
  1. Something on your person making a consistent noise
    Really squeaky shoes, or even fart noises coming from shoes. Just now the ice sloshing around in my water bottle sounds like an avalanche echoing through my college library.
  2. Super runny nose
    You look and sound like a total grosser sniffing every 2 seconds. Unless you stick a tampon up your nostril, you will have snot running down your face for all to see.
  3. Choking
    Everyone around you has no choice but to stop what they're doing and focus on your red/watery-eyed face as they cast uncomfortable concerned glances hoping you'll solve the problem before they have to do something.
  4. Dropping/spilling things
    I'm not just talking about dropping one book...dropping a stack of papers/several books as some less-focused people watch you pick it up for entertainment.
  5. Tooting
    Because it's quiet...everyone will know it's you. 💨