Thoughts While Waiting on My Date to Arrive

Coffee date tonight.
  1. I think I'm overdressed
  2. There aren't any tables left...ugh. I'll have to settle for the cushy bench by the bathrooms. Charming
  3. Do I greet him with a hug? Or wait for him to go in for a hug?
  4. I really think I'm overdressed. 😨
  5. I want to cancel!
  6. Hopefully something funny happens to break the ice
  7. I really hate that there aren't any tables. Whyyyyyy
  8. Just be cool, it's fine.
  9. The main doors are opening and closing that might be him!
  10. I told him to text me when he got here. No luck yet.
  11. What if he stood me up? That would be hilarious. Actually, I would be relieved.
  12. I need to get out more, this really isn't a big deal.
  13. Isn't a coffee date less serious than a dinner date? Yes. Yes it is.
  14. He's driving from out of town to meet me😬
  15. My knees hurt from these high heel boots.
  16. I'm super thirsty
  17. Ok is 7:02 maybe I should leave and tell him I got the stomach bug and apologize telling him we will have to reschedule.
  18. This is gonna be fun!
  19. Pray for me.