Why I'm Hardly Ever on List App (Rap/ Poem)

This goes out to ALL YALL. Anyone who's shares in my current struggle. ✌🏻️😎
  1. •
    At first I was addicted
  2. •
    Then something robbed me of passion. my love was evicted 😟
  3. •
    Smiles & giggles were far & few between as I scrolled through the popular "listos and listies"
    (Men and women of List App)
  4. •
    Then I fought back. Tempted to talk smack,If that's what it what takes..
  5. •
  6. •
    LISTEN UP this is my COMEBACK
  7. •
    So skip the bull and GIVE ME The FACTS
  8. •
    I'm a millennial, BICENTENNIAL young rapper with word TACT.
  9. •
    You see, I came here to escape the popularity game MySpace, Twitter. facebook it's all in the fame
  10. •
    You climb the ladder of fads in hopes to be ONE, the next name
  11. •
    the top 5, the A-list. It's an Imaginary playlist
  12. •
    It's all made up just to make or break our trust (nah, nah, nah)
  13. •
    HOLD UP ! Before I leave, I'll take a minute to roll up my sleeve
  14. •
    WIND UP MY FIST, as I prepare to finish this list💪🏼
  15. •
    It's RIDICULOUS what's happened to this list na-tion!
  16. •
    Don't be shocked if YOUR FACE feels a bruising sen-sa-tion👊🏻
  17. •
    IM DOWN, IM OUT I've had all my fun
  18. •
    you're virtually punched in the face so my DEED HERE IS DONE!