This goes out to ALL YALL. Anyone who's shares in my current struggle. ✌🏻️😎
  1. At first I was addicted
  2. Then something robbed me of passion. my love was evicted 😟
  3. Smiles & giggles were far & few between as I scrolled through the popular "listos and listies"
    (Men and women of List App)
  4. Then I fought back. Tempted to talk smack,If that's what it what takes..
  6. LISTEN UP this is my COMEBACK
  7. So skip the bull and GIVE ME The FACTS
  8. I'm a millennial, BICENTENNIAL young rapper with word TACT.
  9. You see, I came here to escape the popularity game MySpace, Twitter. facebook it's all in the fame
  10. You climb the ladder of fads in hopes to be ONE, the next name
  11. the top 5, the A-list. It's an Imaginary playlist
  12. It's all made up just to make or break our trust (nah, nah, nah)
  13. HOLD UP ! Before I leave, I'll take a minute to roll up my sleeve
  14. WIND UP MY FIST, as I prepare to finish this list💪🏼
  15. It's RIDICULOUS what's happened to this list na-tion!
  16. Don't be shocked if YOUR FACE feels a bruising sen-sa-tion👊🏻
  17. IM DOWN, IM OUT I've had all my fun
  18. you're virtually punched in the face so my DEED HERE IS DONE!