'Actors About Acting, Loving, Living, Life'

That's the title of this small gem, a "Stanyan Book," Random House, 1972. It's simply a collection of quotes. Here are some snippets from it.
  1. I often think my life has been a failure. But whenever I drop into a theater and hear women laughing at one of my films, I think, well, if I brightened their day before they went home and did the dishes, maybe my life wasn't wasted after all. — CARY GRANT
  2. Actors have a bad handle on the world. I'll tell you, in my own mind, I'm not sure acting is a thing for a grown man to be doing. — STEVE McQUEEN
  3. Like all actresses, I'm a shattered personality, with lots and lots of people inside me crying to get out…
  4. I am terribly lazy. That's why I love being in movies. I'm performing all over the world while I'm home taking a bath. — BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Acting is a child's prerogative. Children are born to act. Usually, people grow up and out of it. Actors always seem to me people who never did quite grow out of it. — JOANNE WOODWARD
  6. All through an actor's life, failure is snapping at his heels like a giant mongrel dog. But because conceit is an actor's courage, he refuses to recognize that dog as anything more than a puppy who really can't harm him. — JACKIE GLEASON
  7. It's the ones you call up at four a.m. who matter. —- MARLENE DIETRICH
  8. (Two more here).
  9. Unless something comes along that absolutely captivates me, the life of leisure is for me — if you call being married to Richard Burton and the mother of four leisure. —ELIZABETH TAYLOR
  10. The happiest time of my life was when I was laying bricks. —GEORGE C. SCOTT
  11. They throw the word star at you loosely, and they take it away loosely if your pictures flop. YOU take the responsibility for THEIR crappy movie, that's all it means. — ROBERT REDFORD
  12. They can stop hiring this old horse and put him out to pasture — but I'll never go of my own accord. — JOHN WAYNE