Actors Who Will Make ME More Likely to See a Movie

  1. Leo, duh, of course
  2. Kyle "Coach Taylor" Chandler
  3. Guy Pearce
  4. David Strathairn
  5. Casey Affleck
  6. Phil Seymour Hoffman (so sad)
  7. Christian Bale
  8. COLIN FIRTH! (Does any actor do "I love you so...but I just can't bring myself to tell you"...better than he?)
  9. The late Alan Rickman. Seeing him on Broadway in "Private Lives" was an all-time High.
  10. John C. Reilly
  11. John Gallagher, Jr.
  12. Jeff Daniels
  13. Sidney Poitier
  14. And Laurence Olivier, of course