Can I Toss This Stuff?

Live in house built in 1895. No attic, basement, garage. STUFF is a PROB.
  1. All the news and feature stories I wrote before 1999? After 1999?
  2. Any of my mother's clothes? (She died in 1983 & for a great long while I could still smell her...)
  3. Dozens of homemade cards and "certificates" from my daughters when they were little such as "4 Hours of Gardening By Your Side! Happy Happy Birthday, Mama!"
  4. Very heavy box of movie stills. Belonged to my late mother, who was working on a book about movie stars who died young. Dozens of names, incl. Carole Landis, Victor Mature, Leslie Howard, Alfalfa...& on & on & many waaaay lesser-knowns-&-you-never-heard-ofs
  5. A file cabinet drawer full of hand-scribbled notes (Mother's handwriting!) about movie stars who died young.
  6. About 2,000 love letters from h.s./ college boyfriend. Ditched him when I met my one & only (& always) husband. (in shoe boxes, under our bed, they've been moved coast-to-coast twice). Long-ago ex is no longer living, but was a gorgeous writer. Always thought they could be a book. (In 1996 he told me he tossed MY 2,000 letters to him). geez. sigh.
  7. VHS tapes that were my kids' very very favorites such as "An American Tail" ("the Feivel movie." There are no cats in America!...)- and Woody Allen's "Sleeper" ("the funny man movie")
  8. Any book I ever read and really liked or loved.
  9. Any book someone told me they really liked or loved. & so I intend to read.
  10. Any lovely old-fashioned looking book. (With my luck I would toss the one book that winds up being worth thousands, such as orig signed copy of "Huck Finn" — which I do not own — but sumpin like that!)
  11. Any script of every play I was ever in, or play I wanted to be in.
  12. 2,000 vinyl albums (rock & roll and "various" — such as "Music to Study By" and "How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband," not to mention a "killer" collection of close to 1,000 "original Broadway cast recordings" on vinyl (many repeats, such as about 10 "South Pacifics" ) (never enough "Gypsys.)
  13. Light blue hard-plastic Samsonite luggage set, circa 1974
  14. Favorite (misc) pieces of clothing I wore in the 1980s, much of it has been stored for years in aforementioned light blue Samsonite luggage.
  15. Every CD ever brought into this house by daughters who no longer live here. Many hundreds are now in shallow "under bed" storage trays, under daughters' old beds. sigh.
  16. Boxes upon boxes of "family heirloom" photographs. Piled up behind the dining room door and such. The day never seems to come when I organize them, digitize them, photo-album them. o sigh again!
  17. Size 6 bright purple aviator jump suit. These were hot in the 1980s. I once vowed to a former newspaper boss that I was going to squeeze into it again. That is still a goal. (Last wore it when performing with a basement band in late '80s. Sang: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "Summertime."
  18. Not to mention every dress I ever wore to a prom, wedding, fancy occasion, or my mother's two funerals.
  19. Every note I ever took in any high school class & every note anyone ever passed me in the halls of high school.
  20. About 17 watches for which I keep meaning to get new batteries.
  21. A rack packed with thick winter coats, scarves, hats, mittens, long undies. In case we ever move back to a colder climate (haven't done so for 26 yrs)
  22. An array of old quilts and afghans. But by now impossible to know/recall/determine which ones were made by either of my late grandmothers or great-grandmothers. some frayed beyond repair, some chewed by former dog.
  23. Sets of X-tra long twin sheets bought for college dorm rooms; hoping to donate to younger nieces/nephews in need...
  24. Multiple copies of all-time fave novels that I snap up whenever I come upon them at used bookstores, JUST so I will have on hand to lend to others. (Knowing that others usually don't return 'em), Examples: "Fair and Tender Ladies" by Lee Smith; "Charming Billy" by Alice McDermott; "Goodbye Without Leaving" by Laurie Colwin.
  25. Any shoes or beach towels or hair accessories I ever once loved! Sigh!
  26. Anything and everything my mother ever touched.
  27. There's MORE. MORE! but— Sigh!
  28. PS: Now I DID only recently haul three loads to Good Will, including a book about "cluttering and de-cluttering." Now THAT was indeed taking up ridiculous, unnecessary space!
  29. PPS: I forgot about 8 VHS tapes, ALL containing coverage of Princess Diana funeral. I was not even a Lady Di maniac. I just thought that if I had Alzheimer's one day, someone could pop those babies in for me. But Ive just made Exec Decision exec to TOSS! Wow and Yay! Instead: Just put Turner Classics channel on when I am feeble. THANKS!