All in dark movie theater. All bout eating. For full film enjoyment.
  1. Adding m&ms & milk duds (or mini choc. peanut butter cups from Trader Joes) to your buttered & lightly salted popcorn. put napkin atop to shake it all up & in.
  2. Sneaking in hummus & warm pita bread triangles (still strategizing best way to bring onion dip & potato chips)
  3. Ordering cran-vodka at movie bar, making it a double by adding mini vodka bottle (from my purse)
  4. Getting Italian sub from Publix, cut in half (easier to eat). Also change wrapping to: anything less noisy!
  5. Sambuca in small glass water bottle, under scarf in purse. Best for nighttime films.
  6. GIANT Rooster 14 choc chip cookie, also in new noiseless wrapper. Baggie works well; keep in large pocket of soft fleece moviegoing wrap.
  7. Mini cooler (size of case for 2-3 pair eyeglasses) works great for espresso chip frozen yogurt ice cream! (Don't forget plastic spoon)
  8. PS- bag was searched entering "The Revenant." Had Andy's organic popcorn (w coconut oil. Dee lish). Told Gal I was on Weight Watchers & this is what I had to eat. She nodded "ok" and added that I didn't need to be on WW! That was a fine moment!