I am most in joy, most at peace, at the ocean, at sea, on a beach. Gimme the beach, any time, any season, any beach.
  1. I have known and loved Cannon Beach, North Oregon Coast, since 1983 — and have spent time there during 24 summers with the same top friends.
  2. Lewis & Clark trekked a long ways. And they saw a LOT, baby. They finally got to what is now Cannon Beach, home of Haystack Rock.
  3. Upon reaching Cannon Beach, here's what Capt. William Clark wrote in his diary (in Jan 1806) as he gazed upon Haystack Rock: "From this point I beheld the grandest and most pleasing prospect which my eyes ever surveyed."
  4. I come to the sea with my daughters, who also deeply love THE Rock.
    The sea and the rock even make them giddy.
  5. My dear (& fab) sisters also bask in the sea with me.
  6. I come to the sea to build castles.
  7. And to put beach toes into perfect sand.
  8. And to take perfect walks.
    With Shannon & Betsy.
  9. And to read!
  10. And to frolic in the water.
    (Though not so much in Oregon!)
  11. And to read some more!
  12. And to have beachy cocktails!
    Thanks, hon!
  13. And to devour delicious seafood.
  14. I come to the sea for sunsets, usually with cocktails, natch.
  15. And to devour more seafood.
  16. But mostly, I come to the sea to BREATHE!
  17. (Ahh geez, I could go on and on and on).