1. Go to the movies
  2. Talk about movies
  3. Reorganize my hundreds of movie books and film-land biographies.
  4. Be around people who love movie history and movies
  5. Volunteer for two weeks every year at Sundance Film Fest so I can get a BIG FIX of movie 🎥 heaven. This yr I saw 29 films and more than 1/3 were v. Good. & all but three were worth watching! (plan to post my "best of fest" film list soon).
  6. Tell everyone that my dad Larry Swindell (that's SwinDELL ! ), wrote five well-respected film bios, long out of print but all 5 being re-issued THIS month, so avail on Amazon. "Screwball" (Carole Lombard), "The Last Hero" (Gary Cooper), "Body & Soul" (John Garfield), "The Reluctant Lover" (Charles Boyer, people!) & plain ol "Spencer Tracy."
  7. And run into fab film friends at Sundance!— such as Li.st exec Nicky Kraft!!! And the multi-talented Caroline Edwards!
  8. And tell talents like director Dee Rees how much I love her new film. In this case: weeping over "Mudbound." Visions of Oscar next year!