I've interviewed a great many, from Williamstown to Vegas to Portland to ATL. Certain "live interviews" (as opposed to "phoners") stand out...
  1. Isaac Bashevis Singer- Didn't quite realize the magnitude at the time.
  2. Mary Martin - a life highlight for me; she was warm, her eyes twinkled, and she gazed at the ceiling a lot when she spoke
  3. John Hurt— so kind and gracious. We had tea at Caesar's Palace.
  4. Mikhail Baryshnikov - didn't make much eye contact
  5. Judy Kaye - musical stage star I much admired and she seemed thrilled that I knew so much about her.
  6. Dick Cavett — deep voice, witty guy
  7. Celeste Holm — elegance
  8. Jerry Lewis - wasn't much of an interview, as he was hospitalized at the time. A heart attack, as I recall
  9. Carol Channing— gushed on & on about how I worked in her favorite city in the world, how lucky I was. As if Vancouver, B.C., were right across the river from Portland (as opposed to Vancouver, Washington)
  10. Jay Leno (but copy editor hadn't heard of him & the front cover of the weekend mag read: "JOE LENO!")
  11. High-wire nut Phillipe Petit - he kept shouting "Catty!" throughout the interview. That's how he said name of his asst., Cathy. He never ever ever stopped thinking of more things he needed her to do ASAP. I have thought of poor Cathy over the yrs, tho not lately.
  12. The Smothers Brothers - in the "star" trailer at The Clark County Fair. They were sooooo excited by the snacks (like Fritos and Ring Dings) that had been left for them in the trailer and they never stopped cracking up or cracking each other up.
  13. Loretta Lynn — called me "Darlin" a lot and went on about my "purdee" eyes!
  14. Wynonna & Naomi Judd (who pulled up in a white limo at my newspaper in Vacouver, Wash.) — this was mere moments before they became famous
  15. JK "call me Joannne" Rowling! (In an ATL hotel suite, when she was actually on a promo tour. Something she doesn't ever need to do again)
  16. Erik Estrada— back when he was a star on CHiPs...He answered door of his Vegas hotel suite wearing only...a small white towel. Two years later, I got a call from an entertainment mag asking if I had been romantically involved w him back then!
  17. I was supposed to interview Merle Haggard in the star trailer at the fair, but moments before our interview, he fled the fair in his bus and never returned, leaving a thousand fans high and dry. But of course that was still a story for me to write.