Only 13 Reasons I Am Forever-obsessed W/ "Hamilton" (There Are Thousands More)

I won the lottery outside the Richard Rodgers theater 6 weeks after the show opened. My world turned upside down!
  1. Daveed DIGGS strutting & singing (voice rich as sapphires) as cocky Thomas Jefferson!
  2. The catchy tunes, the soaring melodies!
  3. The heavenly voice of Phillipa Soo as Eliza.
  4. The spunk and spirit & pizzazz of Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica. AND her amazing voice.
  5. Javier Muñoz as Alexander Hamilton (he is perm fill-in for Lin-Manuel Miranda at Sun. matinee and he is OUTSTANDING. (#Tonyaward needed for Sensational backups & understudies! )
  6. Leslie Odom Jr. as Burr — is a Gift from Theater Heaven!
  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda's immense genius! RARE & Pure & Magnificent GENIUS! From concept to every single note and lyric. The score rarely exits my head. (His folks must be slapping themselves silly)
  8. The choreography is dashing! Electrifying!
  9. Is there anything sexier for a guy to wear than a Founding Fathers ensemble? Trust me, no! Bring back knickers, I say! And Ruffled collars & cuffs! Pretty please!
  10. Two words for this show: Revolutionary & Transformative. The biggest turning point in the history of musical theater — ever! (The last "significant" turning point may have been..."Show Boat" or "West Side Story." but "Hamilton" beats any/all!)
  11. DAVEED DIGGS! Man o man! So what'd I miss!?
  12. The history! the history! the fact that scores of those who have "claimed" to "not like musicals" are changing their tunes BIGTIME. This show breaks down so many barriers !
  13. At stage door after the show we met everyone. All SO kind & gracious! I told Daveed DIggs that he blew me away more than anyone ever has from a stage. He smiled his MAGNETIC smile & said: "Thanks, but, you know, it's A LOT of work." We Know, Daveed, we Understand! Thanks for ALL of your amazing Hard Work! Love You!
    (Sisters with Daveed!)