Reasons To Be In NYC (Rot Nail)

Thanks to world's Greatest Guy for making it happen!
  2. Daveed DIGGS! As Tom Jefferson, let alone Lafayette.
  3. A wonderful longtime theater pal helping us secure HAMILTON tickets at fair price, not Highway Robbery. He would not like me to post his picture (even tho he is very handsome), so here is the heron who showed up in my CITY backyard. I wish my mother could have seen "Hamilton."
  4. LESLIE Odom Jr as Aaron Burr!! Saw the show previously in Sept, but we had an understudy for Burr. EEK! LESLIE: pls don't be sick tonight!
  5. Daveed DIGGS and the genius show creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also stars as Hamilton.
  6. The Revolutionary excitement of just being IN the Richard Rodgers Theatre!
  7. THE Schuyler SISTERS!
  8. The sublime memory of experiencing "Hamilton" for the first time with MY fantastic sisters!
  9. The anticipation of seeing a whole new King George, who best be half as great as Jonathan Groff! Here we are with that cutie Groff, the original King G.
  10. ALSO, stopping by my old apartment in SoHo. This was my window many moons ago on Sullivan St. Nora Ephron lived right across the street, just a few moons before me...
  11. Daveed, at least I know you already took a vacation. (So you better be there tonight!) When I first saw this picture I thought: Heathcliff! Fill my arms with heather! (I know there was prob no heather there. But I wasn't there, either, so...)
  12. To experience phenom. Theater history & Broadway biggest turning point in my lifetime.
  13. P.S. Just when you thought he could NOT possibly be any better, you learn Daveed likes doggies!
  14. P.P.S. — also, just the anticipation of performing more numbers from the show with my sisters and daughters! Call it "Ham-in-Your Living Room"! With Founding Fathers' collars & cuffs sis Gwenny made out of white ruffly curtains!
  15. P.P.P.S. And here are the husbands of we three sisters. You can just tell they love being married to #HamManiacs
  16. O but Holy Ham! Can't overlook sis Sooz's top-drawer solo performance as King George! My red fur coat! Her crown and scepter!
  17. Finally, after wandering around Greenwich Village on a glorious evening late last night...strolling thru the arch at Washington Square Park. Thinking about the Founding Fathers and a world they could hardly have imagined.
  18. (FYI — ROT NAIL is how u can sound "Southern" while saying "Right Now." Just a li'l tidbit from Kingsolver's "The Poisonwood Bible.")
    Card Elly made me for this fab birthday! Priceless!