Some things I just cannot delete...others I mean to watch when the right opportunity strikes. Current lineup includes...
  1. Babes in Arms (Mickey, Judy, 1939). The fact it was on Turner Classics is what inspired me to do my "movies of 1939" LIST. (See last LIST; hey it took me a while!)
  2. Lucas (1986 "teen charmer"). Only because I am writing "sort of" a "teen charmer" screenplay & want to watch any others that I can
  3. Lydia (1941, Merle Oberon & Joseph Cotten). My knee is on ice as we speak, so watching this right now. But it is stuffy, hokey, dull — despite its fine attn to detail & decor. So prob will soon delete it to save DVR space. Will try "Lucas" instead. The ice feels too good on the bum knee so want to stay put!
  4. October Sky (1999, Jake Gyllenhaal & Chris Cooper). also for screenplay "study"
  5. Platinum Blonde (1931, Jean Harlow). Only because it has 3 stars 🌟🌟🌟 & Frank Capra directed. So deserves to be checked out
  6. 88th Academy Awards - already re-watched it, fast-forwarding thru commercials & boring parts. but not ready to delete it (just deleted the 87th!)
  7. "Far From the Madding Crowd" (1967, Julie Christie & Alan Bates). Three ⭐️⭐️⭐️s. Want to re-watch.
  8. Grammy Awards (Feb 15) only so I have the "Hamilton" number. But is it taking up too much DVR space? Oh why oh why didn't I ONLY record that number?!
  9. "Far from the Madding Crowd" — the more than admirable (& somewhat overlooked) 2015 version with Carey Mulligan & Tom Sturridge. Want to compare it to 1967 version.
  10. It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947). Utterly delightful comedy that I think needs a remake. Stars Don DeFore, Ann Harding, Charles Ruggles. In my remake, I'd want Tom Hanks, Amy Adams & John C. Reilly. Would be awesome box-office Christmas movie GOLD! (but alas, I bet I don't get to be the one to get this job!)
  11. Turnabout (1940). A husband & wife switch sexes! We were stupefied to come across this on TCM! Another remake possibility!
  12. Two late 2015 consecutive "Jeopardy" episodes, when daughter's college chum competed. Feel guilty to delete 'em
  13. A New Leaf (1971) with Walter Matthau & Elaine May. Hilarity abounds. One should keep this on hand!
  14. Two special " companion "Seinfeld" episodes = highlights from the first 100 episodes. Recommended for knee injuries and such
  15. "Hollywood Without Makeup" - Ken Murphy's 1965 1-hour doc ("unparalleled collection of home movies" featuring Hollywood names in candid, unguarded moments).
  16. "Through the Decades" a doc exploring the 1950s thru the 1990s via pop culture & world events. It's for some research.
  17. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (1933). Al Jolson in "modern fairy tale" about a hobo in NYC's Central Park. (Remake with Tom Hanks?!)
  18. Six by Sondheim (2013) Doc/profile. So great I simply can't delete it!
  19. "Your Weather Today" on Weather Channel 5/24/2012...includes segment with ME presenting great new road-trip toys for kids
  20. Rachel Maddow Show from April 2012- husband appeared on it
  21. Several other somewhat forgotten & very dandy films that ought to be remade. But am getting a bit nervous: I can't give away all my brilliant plans & secrets!
  22. Colorful Islands of Madagascar. 1936 doc, only 9 mins. Daughter lived there for college semester; she may want to watch this! Don't you just love the range of unexpected "fillers" that show up on TCM?
  23. Carole Lombard- a 13-min 1962 doc about the great actress who died at age 34. Another example of worthy fillers on TCM.