These are things I hear and see everyday that I absolutely cannot stand.
  1. During an argument my boyfriend says "pick a new chapter" or "would you like a bookmark"
  2. Watching someone curse at their child in public and at home just for wanting some sort of attention.
  3. People that drive 15mph under the speed limit
  4. Watching someone spit on the ground.
  5. Being told to smile when I don't feel well or I am just in a bad mood. I am my own person, I do not need nor do I want to smile at you when you're already pissing me off.
  6. Hearing people chew their food and smacking their lips together. You are not a barn animal.
  7. Being told I do not know how to do something because I have a vagina. Just because I don't have a kickstand between my legs does not mean I am a complete idiot. Men only think with their penises anyway so if you actually think about it women know more about a lot of things because we don't have a confused penis telling our brains what to do.