Today I published a big feature about American Girl on @racked. There are REALLY GREAT facts in it. You can read some of them below and then read the whole thing here:
  1. Everything in American Girl stores is 38 inches tall.
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    This is the average height of a nine-year-old girl.
  2. You can buy your doll orthodontic headgear, an EpiPen, or a hearing aid.
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    Also a wheelchair or a service dog.
  3. Historians, museum curators, and linguists are employed to help craft the narratives of the historical dolls.
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    There are research trips too, from the Lolo Trail in the Rocky Mountains to New York's Lower East Side.
  4. The most expensive item available at the moment is a $500 doll patisserie.
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    It's part of the Girl of the Year collection.
  5. There are dolls you can buy for your dolls.
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    They cost $25.
  6. Girls spend an average of 90 minutes in AG stores every visit.
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    The industry average is 20.
  7. There is a whole American Girl stop-motion YouTube community.
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    AGSM videos are AMAZING.
  8. The company has sold 27 million dolls.
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    And 151 million books.