In retrospect, maybe my life is one big missed connection?
  1. High School Photo Class Guy
    My school's #1 senior hottie was in my freshman photography class. I cannot overstate his hotness. He played football and was super popular and also SO NICE. We would talk in the darkroom and whenever he said hi to me in the hallway, I would blush real hard.
  2. College Coffee Truck Guy
    A very charming alum opened a coffee truck on campus during my senior year of college. He was so cute and such a shameless flirt that I couldn't not blush when we talked and eventually had to stop getting coffee from him. He is randomly now married to my best friend's boss.
  3. Village Barista Guy
    I don't care if the cute coffee guy thing is a cliche, cliches EXIST FOR A REASON. A couple of years after I moved to New York, a hot barista started working at my favorite Brazilian cafe in the Village. I'm pretty sure he was 19 and trying to be an actor. One time a friend called me out for being a blushy weirdo whenever I ordered from him. I have since also given up this particular coffee establishment.
  4. Magazine Editor Guy
    I used to work at a big magazine company, where I developed a crush on an editor from a different mag based pretty much exclusively on our elevator encounters. He made me blush A LOT. We never introduced ourselves despite having mutual friends and also sharing many, many secret smiles.
  5. Pharrell
    A few years ago, I covered a very fancy party thrown by Chanel and interviewed a bunch of people, including Pharrell. I couldn't tell if he was hitting on me or humoring me, but we had a weirdly charged conversation and I blushed for many hours after.
  6. Literally Any Guy on a Skateboard
    Are you a dude on a skateboard? GREAT, I'M BLUSHING.