I picked up dinner from a spot on my block that I've gone to every other week or so for the last five years. This was written on a menu stuffed in the bag (yes, smiling cat drawing and all). The twist: They got my order wrong! I still think this was equal parts weird and lovely. Also, the cookies were delicious.
  2. Please keep me in mind for future weird/odd/interesting assignments.
    A photographer I hired to shoot a story in Florida sent me an excellent thank you, written on a card with one of his own photos on the front (it involved a wookie!). One of my favorite parts of my job is hiring crazy talented writers, photogs, and illustrators + I want all the stories I publish to be weird, odd, and/or interesting, so this made my heart swell.
  3. Love you, Jules ❤️
    This was written on a pink heart-shaped Post-It my mom sent in an envelope with my driver's license. Despite having not lived there for nearly a decade, I insist on having a Missouri license for convoluted safety reasons, and thus the DMV thinks I reside at my parents' house. My new license picture is terrible, so I guess that's karma for trying to game the system. Anyway, my mom and I say "I love you" many times a day in one way or another, but handwritten notes are (obviously) rare.