Okay, maybe not Secrets to Life, but certainly secrets to my life/version of happiness.
  1. Caring very little about most things.
    This is my number one. I just cannot care about a whole lot of stuff. I don't have the brainspace for things that are not important. Most things are not important. They deserve absolutely none of my time or thought.
  2. Making decisions as quickly as possible.
    I try to follow my gut and not think twice when it comes to all decisions, but especially small daily ones. What does my heart desire for...lunch? Tacos? Great. Done. Moving on. It relates back to spending almost no time or energy on things that are not a big deal, but also making sure you get want you want! I'm big on gut and intuition.
  3. Saying no.
    I love saying no. You can still have an open mind and an open heart and say no a lot. Some decisions are bad ones! Some things will make you unhappy, uncomfortable, or even just bored! Why waste time on all that? (Picking the right friends, romantic partners, and work environments means you'll be faced with fewer things you'll want to say no to though! Build your own temple, etc.)
  4. Doing absolutely nothing.
    I never, ever feel guilty about doing nothing. I go into weekends knowing that I may do very little and that is just going to be part of my recharge process for the week. I hate all that "Beyoncé has as many hours in the day as you do" nonsense. I'm not going to feel bad about needing more "off" time than other people. It's what keeps me sharp, centered, creative, and productive.