1. You're the Worst
    Hands down last year's best new show - I have rewatched the entire perfect first season about 5 times now. The writing is sharp as hell, the secondary characters are just as meaty as the primary ones, AND the soundtrack kills. A summary won't do it justice, but it's essentially about being sort of young and sort of terrible and sort of in love in LA.
  2. Srugim
    This is an Israeli series about a group of Orthodox Jewish singles living in Jerusalem. It's in Hebrew (with subtitles, obviously), there is no sex, and it's 100% fascinating. It's also no longer in production, but watch it on Hulu so we can discuss horrible Nati, secret hottie Amir, and religious feminism.
  3. Faking It
    Shows about high school are my absolute favorite, and MTV is doing them better than anyone else these days. First came Awkward, and now Faking It. While the premise sounds borderline offensive (two girls fake being a lesbian couple, but one of the girls actually IS gay + in love with her straight BFF/fake girlfriend), the execution is far from it.
  4. Being Mary Jane
    Gabrielle Union plays an ambitious, complicated news anchor looking for love...why aren't you watching this yet?! While it can't quite decide if it's a workplace, family, or romantic drama, I don't care because I want to know everything about MJ's life. Very excited (and not at all surprised) it just got renewed for a third season.