1. My humidifier
    This winter was so rough and my apartment was crazy dry; it made my skin flaky and my throat scratchy and my eyes burn. Then I got the BEST humidifier. It saved my life, or at least my vanity/sanity. Read the Sweethome review and then buy it for yourself:
  2. Octopuses
    I read an amazing story about octopuses ( a couple of months ago and I can't stop thinking about it/them. They are MAGICAL ALIENS whose insanely sophisticated minds evolved on a totally separate evolutionary track than ours. Also the story is so beautifully written! It's perfect, and I send it to pretty much everyone.
  3. Slack
    I switched jobs over the summer, going from an old media company that did not understand the internet to a new media company that is the exact opposite. We use a chat system called Slack that has fundamentally changed how we communicate. It's FUN and great story ideas come out of random chats with amazingly smart people you might not get to meet IRL.
  4. Skin stuff
    I have become a total skin obsessive. It's kind of not great! I am constantly looking at other people's skin and plotting how to make mine *perfect* even though genetics are like NOPE. "Skin stuff I believe in" is a whole other list probably, but right now I'm into discussing the following: spironolactone, hyaluronic acid, retinoids, sheet masks.
  5. Sqirl
    I was in LA on assignment in October and made @kevinlincoln take me. Now I dream about the toast and rice bowl daily and recommend it to anyone who even vaguely mentions California. The closest NYC equivalents (Dimes and El Rey, where I attended a Sqirl pop-up dinner!) are good, but they honestly don't compare. I'll be in LA again next week and it's all I want to eat when I'm there.
  6. Fur
    Yes, my coat is real. (It's mink.) No, I didn't buy it. (It belonged to my aunt's aunt.) Yes, it IS warmer than down/Thinsulate/literally everything else. I DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT ANY OF THESE THINGS.
  7. Salonpas
    I get really bad neck and shoulder pain due to too much laptop time, and they pain often travels and turns into a terrible tension headache. A co-worker introduced me to Salonpas patches and made me a real believer. As @maria noted, they do make you smell like an old man though.