My mom came to visit last week and these are the things she made clear she desired for me. Context: We are crazy close and talk multiple times a day. We are also very different people.
  1. A second piercing on one of my ears
    She cautioned against multiple piercings when I was younger ("They're trashy!" "You'll regret it!"), but recently saw how cool my adult friends look with artful extra holes. I took her to New York's patron saint of cool girl piercings to get one and now she REALLY, REALLY wants me to get one too.
  2. Short hair
    Moms love short hair! I had short hair until I was 18 and now have long hair that makes me feel very powerful. I haven't cut it except for trims for nearly a decade! SORRY, MOM.
  3. A boyfriend (husband?!)
    I'm a cake person, she's an icing person.