These are brands you can actually buy! In stores! And online!
  1. Orley
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    Sweaters!!! They only have dude stuff for now, but dude sweaters are the best + they're expanding into women's for fall.
  2. William Okpo
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    COOLEST. Founded by two sisters with insane taste who worked at Opening Ceremony and are friends with Solange.
  3. Krewe
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    Sunglasses that have great price points AND aren't the ones (YOU KNOW THE ONES) that everyone else has.
  4. Ostwald Helgason
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    Brights, prints, lots of two-piece matching sets. Total street style bait, which ugh, but great construction.
  5. Wwake
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    Dainty but not TOO dainty jewelry, with lots of opal. Doesn't feel annoyingly trendy even though it should.
  6. Trademark
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    Started by Chris Burch's daughters and best described as alt prep. Clean shapes, weird details, crazy nice quality.
  7. August
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    Okay, you can only get this brand on German websites but WHATEVER it's great. Lovely colors! Unisex!