Perhaps you are so unlucky as to work in Times Square South? You deserve some fancy coffee.
  1. Culture Espresso
    Pros: Meat Hook sandwiches at lunch, unreal chocolate cookies all day. Cons: Gets pretty crowded circa 12-2.
  2. Bluestone Lane Coffee
    Pros: So much light, comprehensive milk tray (almond!). Cons: No fresh food, unlike the delightful West Village location.
  3. Blue Bottle Coffee
    Pros: Hot baristas, great cold brew. Cons: Barely any seating. (Though it's literally on the park, so drink it there! Park hangs!)
  4. Café Grumpy
    Pros: Big tables! This is the best coffee spot for meeting people. Cons: Least great actual coffee relative to the rest.
  5. Gregory's Coffee
    Pros: Nice staff, free wifi, cheapish drinks + it's a local chain. Cons: Loud, not particularly cool vibes.