Annie. She's 6 and the best human on this planet.
  1. This is us in all of our snapchat filtered glory. 💖
  2. "You should be sunshine for Halloween because then your outsides would match your insides!"
    And then I became a puddle of mush.
  3. "I think when it rains it's because God is crying." "Why do you think he's crying?" "I think it's because people hurt other people."
  4. (After I ripped my pants while crouching down to help her up) "Well, at least you didn't rip your vagina!"
  5. "When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help people! Or maybe a cat because cats help people too!"
  6. "I like that you're not too skinny. You're the prefect hugging size!"
  7. "I don't like Barbie." "Why? What's wrong with Barbie?" "Barbie is not an accurate representation of the female form."
    This is verbatim what her mother says about Barbie and it's amazing.