In chronological order. Inspired by @giselle
  1. Jules
    The first nickname I received and still most widely used today
  2. Smidge
    I don't even know where this came from but my dad and sister called me this exclusively for like 3 years
  3. Jewie-Bug
    Idk, it was elementary school
  4. Cocoa Bean/Brownie/Chocolate Chip
    In grade 6 I went to Maui over spring break and got REALLY tanned and I came home and everyone in my class made fun of me via the above nicknames
  5. Jewbaglia
    Grade 8 boys are mean
  6. Kid
    My sister will call me this no matter what my age is
  7. Stools
    A variation of Jules that stuck
  8. Juu
    Pronounced "Jew", pretty self-explanatory
  9. J
    Almost too boring to include in this list
  10. Aunty Judy
    Idk how this one happened but it's still prevalent
  11. Big Julie
    My friends dad called me this one time and my friends really liked it
  12. Juicy
    JK - no one has ever called me that ever