What Would Be in My Subscription Box

@Debby inspired me, thanks gal
  1. New car stereo (w/ aux)
    bc my spotify top songs of 2016 playlist just came in and i'm psyched.
  2. New mascara
    this bc it is a frozen tundra here in MI and I don't wanna trek to rite-aid
  3. A photographic memory
    so final exams could be a breeze
  4. Disposable income
    to give more donations when holiday shopping (cough cough St. Jude, homeless shelters and more)
  5. Grin and Bare It Lotion from B&BW
    pretty sure it was discontinued & it was phenomenal
  6. $10 gift card to O'Tooles
    So when I go for $1 wells on Wednesday I can leave a phat tip