If he were cool/smart enough to download @list (Which he is not. Obvi.)
  1. Potential Vice Presidents
    Sarah Palin? A statue of Ronald Reagan? A bag/pile of money? Tom Brady? My hat? A picture of Ronald Reagan holding money next to Tom Brady and Sarah Palin both of whom are wearing Trump 2016 hats?
  2. Insults (subcategory: Democrats)
  3. Insults (subcategory: Republicans)
  4. Insults (subcategory: people of color)
  5. Insults (subcategory: women)
  6. Insults (subcategory: Hillary Clinton)
  7. Insults (subcategory: Megyn Kelly)
  8. Wall Ideas/Logistics
  9. Proof Obama Was Not Born In America (Assorted)
  10. Ego Boosts
  11. Hair Improvement Ideas
  12. Possible New Catchphrases
    Including but not limited to those that are: racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc
  13. How To Make America Great Again
    Really. How. ???
  14. People I Would/Will/Did Fire
  15. Loosers
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  16. The best Donald Trump tweets of all time
    Suggested by   @laina_richards
  17. "Some compliments I have received recently and immediately retweeted but would like to put on listapp as well."
    Suggested by   @laina_richards
  18. World class decorating tips
    Includes: gild everything. Add mirrors. Make it marble.
    Suggested by   @sillimanjaro
  19. Future Apprentice show ideas
    "The VP Apprentice", "The Supreme Court Apprentice", etc. This is how he would choose his cabinet as well
    Suggested by   @izzy
  20. Insults (subcategory: Rosie O'Donnell )
    Suggested by   @mkschulz