Requested by @lillian
Stop asking mean questions :)
  1. I babysat Marie Lutz one time
    I think I was 16 and she was 11 and I for real thought of her as an equal and a friend and we watched Christmas at the Kranks and played with her dog Splash :)
  2. Stuarts
    RT @lillian about the nutcrackers. We played video games, watched Michael Jackson videos on YouTube and scootered. All around cool kids. Also their dog would cuddle with me hardcore.
  3. Barnes
    They were cute but also every time we played I had to be a flight attendant or a puppy/kitten mother BUT all we did in either situation was order imaginary food so it evened out. Plus I made them color with me and they told me I was a good artist 💁🏼
  4. Haynes
    I once cried after babysitting these three. I also vowed to tear out my ovaries. The dog always pooped on the carpet. But one time I was pushing the baby on a tricycle and she told me she loved me and I thought I would perish at that moment