1. Mold
    Old houses, old books, all chock full of that good mold smell
  2. Sweet olive
    Perhaps the #1 flower smell
  3. Butter in a hot pan
    So full of potential. This smell is the precursor to everything I like to eat
  4. Sunscreen
    This smell is so significant. It means summer and it means having fun and being outside and also being a 7-year-old
  5. Pre-rain
    Petrichor. Gorgeous, perfect, godly
  6. A friend's house
    The fact that every family's home has such a distinct scent is the most beautiful natural phenomenon. I'm sure there's a study written about this somewhere and I want to read the entire thing. If you're my friend, I love you and I love the smell of your home and I love that it is only your's
  7. Coffee
    It's warmth. It's love.
  8. Fashion magazines
    All those perfume samples blended with the smell of ink is right up my ally