Requested by @abthad
I feel bad that Lane isn't on this :( RIP Lane
  1. Lorelei
    Despite her selfishness and tendency toward overreaction, she's the funniest human on the planet and she makes me laugh more than any other character and I think I've inadvertently adopted her manner of speech. Plus she's like suuuuper pretty and her quirks are crazy charming. Also her outfits are hilarious and I want to live in her house.
  2. Paris
    Unequivocally herself at all times, her intensity and delivery is perfect. Not someone I could tolerate in real life, but watching her yell at people on TV, sprinkling in jokes just because she can, is a total delight.
  3. Sookie
    Sookie's enthusiasm, joie de vivre and tendency to fall/hurt herself, all with a smile on her face, is so much fun to watch. She is an amazing friend to Lorelei, her freak-outs never last longer than an episode, and her passion for food and cooking is adorable. She might be the perfect television character.
  4. Rory
    I know rory should be higher on the list, but she's just a weaker version of Lorelei, and we already have a Lorelei. That being said, the episodes when they aren't speaking are horrible, and when I was younger she was totally my role model. It's cool that she's so smart, and her firm grasp on reality is a nice and necessary foil to her mom. That being said, the face she makes after she kisses someone is infuriating.
  5. Morey/Babette
    Best couple in the world. They're flawless.
  6. Luke
    No one's cynicism is as charming as Luke's. And I would killll to spend a morning at the diner. He loves Lorelei to the max and he's steady — a character you can count on. But when he sucks he suckssss. And April can gtfo.
  7. Jess
    He's way too rude and moody, and he was a terrible boyfriend to Rory, but dang he is the best bad boy. He has amazing taste in books and music and his dumb emotionality was super appealing to me as a teenager. Plus he's the best when he comes back for those random episodes later on. Sexy boy.
  8. Miss Patty
    The epitome of stars hollow color. She's part of what makes this show so enchanting and fun. "Try a plum they're better than sex."
  9. Richard/Emily
    I wish these two were just a liiiiittle bit nicer. They can be unnecessarily cruel. But they are also super complicated and interesting and their relationship with Lorelei is touching and weird.
  10. Kirk
    Kirk can be a little too weird for me sometimes: eg "animal planet doesn't even do it for me anymore." But it's fun to watch him cycle through every available job in stars hollow. Plus, you know, color.